Susuki (薄) Pampas Grass

014 065Name: Susuki (薄) pampas grass  (A.K.A. silver grass or plume grass)

Seasonal Association: Autumn

When To Wear It: August to October

Auspicious: no


Susuki goes by many names in English including pampas grass, silver grass, and plume grass. It is another member of aki no nakakusa (the seven grasses of autumn). Historically, susuki was used for thatch for the roofs of homes, temples, and sheds. Nowadays, it could be viewed as a weed because it grows everywhere, but Japanese culture embraces simplicity and subtle elegance. Susuki, a simple but elegant grass, is emblematic of this mindset.  Susuki is an essential decoration for tsukimi, the mid-autumn moon viewing festival.

Aki no nanakusa (秋の七草)

The seven flowers or grasses of autumn. It’s unknown who first put together this group of plants as a representation of autumn, but it is a classic theme of even the oldest Japanese poetry.

It includes…

Hagi (bush clover)
Susuki (pampas grass)
Kuzu (arrowroot)
Nadeshiko (dianthus, pink, or wild carnation)
Ominaeshi (valerian or maiden flower)
Fujibakama (mistflower)
Kikyo (Chinese bellflower) or asagao (morning glory)

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Susuki is depicted as a tall thin stalk with a feathered top. The top usually bends over to the side.


An example of susuki that is coloured rather unrealistically.


A simple example of susuki can be seen in the top left of this picture.

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