It’s Moving Day!

Take a look around Ready, Set, Kimono!  Notice anything different?  Look up.  Just a bit.  See those pretty menu buttons up there?  I’ve spent the whole day moving things around!

I was growing tired of everything on one page.  I don’t like reading blogs that are set up like that, so why would I want mine to look like that?  I’m really excited about the changes and I hope you’ll like them too.  I’m hoping it’ll make things easier to navigate.

And I’m not finished yet!  I still have a lot of pages that I haven’t completed yet, and I’m still writing new content as we speak!  In fact, in honour of Children’s Day, I have posted some info on another motif, the iris!  So for now, don’t mind any of the blank pages that you may come across while exploring.  I know they’re there and I’m working on filling them up!

I’m planning to leave all of my posts on the main page for the next few weeks until all the migration is done, so upgrade your bookmarks if you find that your favourite post has been duplicated somewhere else.  Thank you for your patience and I’m looking forward to bringing you a bigger and better Ready, Set, Kimono! in the future!

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