Kitsuke Sensei

For some reason, I announced this on my facebook page, but I forgot to mention it here.  How I managed that, I’ll never know.  So here it is.  Drum roll please!  Last month I received my license as a kitsuke sensei from the Nishi Nihon Wasoukai, a small school based in Kobe.  In order to pass the exam, I had to dress in kimono and obi in under five minutes (I finished with seven seconds to spare) and complete a written exam.  I had a lot of help in preparing for my exam and I want to send a warm and heartfelt thanks to all that helped me (you know who you are).  I’m looking forward to the challenges that are to come with this new title!


017 - Copy

018 - Copy023censored

4 thoughts on “Kitsuke Sensei

    • There was a wide variety of questions. It covered the names of the various panels and seams of a kimono, TPO, my measurements, history of family crests, the steps to dressing a man in formal wear, different motifs (seasonal, auspicious, and classical) and what I wanted to achieve once I received my license. That wasn’t all, but it’s what I can remember off the top of my head.


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