Kimono Diary: October 19-25th, 2015

How can you say no to these faces?

How can you say no to these faces?

Welcome back! I hope you all had a good week. I’m a little late with this diary because my Sunday was very busy. Not with kimono related events, but with a visit to a local farmer’s market, dinner with friends, and a couple of unexpected guests we picked up (after we almost hit them!) on the way to dinner. Kittens! I have really bad cat allergies, so I couldn’t touch them, hold them, or help clean them up (and I wanted to so badly, they were so cute!)   Fortunately, the friends we were with were thinking about getting some cats anyway, and it was love at first sight! As you can imagine, our evening plans got a little waylaid.

This week, there were two large events that dominated my kimono life. First was my second day helping to dress kids for shichi-go-san. I’m finally getting a handle on the boys and on the three-year-old girls, but I still struggle with the seven-year-old girls, especially with the ohashori. The kimono are designed to fit a wide variety of girls, so they’re larger than usual on most girls, and there’s a ton of extra fabric I have to squirrel away under the obi. I’m only an assistant helping my teachers, but there were so many kids on Saturday that I had to dress kids myself. I ended up dressing the seven-year-old girls up until the ohashori, then switch with my teacher to dress another kid. I’m hoping to get some more experience next week and finally get the hang of it.  I also got a nice compliment at the end of the day.  The manager asked if I would be around next year, because she wants to hire me directly for the period of shichi-go-san.  I guess that means I didn’t screw up to badly!

The other big event in my life is the beginning of a new series of videos on my Youtube channel. I call it Pop Culture Kimono, and the goal of these videos is to introduce kimono knowledge to the general population through popular characters in movies, games, etc. People complain so much about cultural appropriation with kimono and people thinking that kimono=geisha and I hope to dispel some of those myths. My first video is on a video game called Fatal Frame 5. I worked with a good friend of mine who publishes let’s plays on her Youtube channel, and Fatal Frame 5 was her first game (incidentally, she’s also the friend with two new kittens at home!)  You can see the video in my previous post.

That’s all for this week. Enjoy your kitsuke!