Kimono Diary: November 2nd-16th

I know, I know. I broke a promise! I promised to write a kimono diary every week, and last week I missed it. My apologies, but honestly, nothing kimono related really happened that week. I just couldn’t think of anything to write about. This week was markedly different though!

First, I finished my last day of dressing children for shichi-go-san. I had a squirmy-wormy boy this week. He just couldn’t stop moving, even with me and his mother telling him to stand still. I struggled to dress him, and my teacher had to redo a couple of things when I was done. I know that I dressed a lot of kids to the standards that I, my teachers, and the studio keep, but my mind keeps going back to the few kids (like Squirmy Wormy) that I know I missed something on. It wasn’t anything major. Just small things like a seam being too far to the front, or a collar showing too much, or an obi showing too little. Those things bug me. And even if the parents didn’t notice, I did. Usually after it was too late to fix it. The one saving grace I had was that I know the photographer was the last line of defense. If the child wouldn’t look good in the photo, then they would be sent back for redressing.

I went kimono shopping with a few friends on Sunday. They had lists of things they wanted to add to their collection, and I was their walking, talking, encyclopedia armed with a himo to help them try everything on! They came away with bags full of wonderful kimono, hakama, haori, and other goodies, and I even got some good deals in as well.

I also had an unsettling experience that reflects back on my kimono diary. I had tried on a kimono, tied the himo, and then got distracted by one of my friends asking a question. When I refocused on getting dressed, trying to create the ohashori, I felt a sharp tug on the back of my kimono. I turned around to find a woman pulling on the kimono and telling me how to put it on. I actually took a step back because it made me feel so uncomfortable and told her I was alright. And just like many times before, it took several repetitions of “I’m ok.” And “I’m a kitsuke teacher.” For her to finally back off. It really was very, very disconcerting.

My upcoming week should be good as well. After a month, my wasai lessons will finally be starting up again, and I’m finally looking at the tail end of a long, long project so I’ll finally have time to dedicate to other things, like posting more info on this blog. I always feel that the motifs section gets forgotten about, and I’m hoping to add some more motifs soon. If anybody has any motifs that you’re particularly interested in, please let me know.  I usually try to write about seasonal motifs during the appropriate season, but I’ll also take requests.

I also ended up adding some practical info on dressing children for shichi-go-san. You can find the post here.

Have a good kitsuke week!

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