Welcome to Ready, Set, Kimono!  I’m a Canadian transplanted to small town Japan about five years ago.  I’ve been studying kitsuke since 2012 and in 2015 I received my license as a kitsuke sensei from the Nishi Nihon Wasoukai, a small kitsuke school founded in Kobe.


Ready, Set, Kimono! is my brain in blog form.  The world of kimono is so big and there is so much to learn.  I found myself struggling, confusing, forgetting, and relearning things all the time.  I know how my brain works, and everything sticks better when I write it down and organize it my way.  The result is Ready, Set, Kimono!  Hopefully you’ll find something within this record of my brain.  Whether it’s information, inspiration, or a question, it’s my gift to you.  I hope that you take it and run with it.  Just like I’m doing everyday as I learn.  There’s always going to be new content being added, never in any particular order, just as I become inspired by the world of kimono around me.  Learning about kimono is an incredible journey, and you’re invited to come along with me.


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