Thrifting Part 1

Today I went to my all time favourite secondhand store in my city.  This place is dangerous to my wallet.  It’s only a fifteen minute drive away and the prices are very, very, cheap.

The best known chain of secondhand stores in Japan is the “-off” series of stores.  Book-off, Hard-off, Hobby-off, and Home-off all buy their stock at unbelievably low prices (five yen for a piece of clothing) and sell them at a jacked-up price.  Kimono that are sold at the “-off” chain go for a range of prices from 1000 yen to 50,000 yen.

These kimono are expensive when compared to my favourite store, The Sun and Green Recycling Association.  This store is actually a non-profit recycling center.  It exists in order to give people in the community with developmental disabilities a place to get some work experience.  They only take donations and they sell things for ridiculously cheap.  Kimono there sell for anywhere from 300 yen to 4000 yen.  I have yet to see anything priced higher.  I have to be careful every time I go in there or I’d buy out the place!

Here’s what I got today.


A hitoe kimono in Halloween colours. I think I’ll try a Halloween kitsuke next year.


A lovely autumn haori with Korin giku on it.


Three beaded haori himo, price tags still attached.


A brand new kimono apron. Shorter than I’d like, but at the price I paid, I’m not complaining!


A men’s Hakata ori kaku obi. I’ve been wanting to add one to my collection for a while.


A reversible kinchaku purse.


An incredible, brand new, men’s hakama. I still can’t believe this wasn’t snatched up before I got there.


Everything all together.


Total damage to my wallet?  drum roll please!


4400 yen.  Even I couldn’t believe it when the register finished adding.  I love this store!


For more information on The Sun and Green Recycling Association, check out their website


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