Hands-On Kimono Creation

Kyoto Shibori Museum (Kyoto)

Summary: Here, you can experience two different types of shibori dyeing. Classes are available in English, but you must reserve ahead of time. There are examples of many different kinds of shibori, and there is museum display that changes periodically.

Website: http://shibori.jp/englishpage/

Review: A review by Ready, Set, Kimono can be found here.


Nishijin Textile Center (Kyoto)

Summary: This is one of the more famous textile-related attractions in Japan. Here, you can see a kimono fashion show several times a day, try your hand at weaving or sewing, and watch weavers work at the loom. There is no English support here.

Website: http://www.nishijinori.jp/experience.html

Review: no reviews yet.


Kodai Yuzen (Kyoto)

Summary: Here, you can see a yuzen artist at work. You can also create your own souvenir using a process that mimics yuzen dyeing. English language support is available.

Website: http://www.kodaiyuzen.co.jp/english/ and http://www.kodaiyuzen.co.jp/item/index.html

Review: A review by Ready, Set, Kimono is available here.


Ai no Yakata (Aizumi, Tokushima)

Summary; Here, you can experience aizome (indigo dyeing) on a property that has been involved with the aizome process for hundreds of years. There is also a small museum housed in original buildings that outlines the aizome process. Buy your undyed item as you enter the museum. There is no English language support.

Website (Japanese only): http://aizome-tokushima.jp/?mode=f4

Review: A review by Ready, Set, Kimono is available here.


Oshima Tsumugi No Sato (Kagoshima City)

Summary: Here, you can have the chance to experience weaving oshima tsumugi in a convenient location.

Website: http://www.amaminosato.jp.e.eu.hp.transer.com/

Review: no reviews yet.


Kaga Yuzen Traditional Industry Center (Kanazawa City)

Summary: Here you can dye a handkerchief using kaga yuzen techniques, or be dressed up in a kimono to walk around the city.

Website: http://www.kanazawa-tourism.com/eng/guide/guide1_1.php?no=7

Review: no reviews yet.


Arimatsu Shibori Kaikan (Nagoya)

Summary: Arimatsu is a famous center of shibori dyeing.  This museum offers you a chance to try your hand at shibori techniques and create a special souvenir to take home.  There is also a gallery of shibori-dyed products and occasional demonstrations by masters of the craft.

Website: http://www.shibori-kaikan.com/kaikan-e.html

Review: no reviews yet.


Shuri Ryusen (Okinawa)

Summary: This shop/workshop/gallery focuses on the production of Okinawa’s unique dyeing method, bingata.  You can try your hand at bingata dyeing with an advanced reservation and look around their combination shop/workshop.

Website: http://www.shuri-ryusen.com/en/

Review: no reviews yet.


Bingata Kijimuna (Okinawa)

Summary: This shop on Okinawa’s biggest island lets you try your hand at the traditional art of bingata dyeing.

Website: http://kijimuna.info/english/englishpage.htm and http://en.okinawastory.jp/facility/bingata-kijimuna

Review: no reviews yet.


Is there anything you’d like me to add?  Is any of the information incorrect?  Please send me a message at readysetkimono@gmail.com or through facebook!

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