Travel Guide

Welcome to my kimono and kitsuke travel guide! Here you’ll find links for all the great kimono events, shops, and experiences that are available in Japan. My hope is that this list will make it easier for kimono enthusiasts to plan a trip to Japan and include kimono related activities that may not be as well known as the bigger tourist sites.

I’ve divided this list into four different categories. Some venues may fall into more than one category. In that case, I have placed them in the category that I feel they focus on the most, either through personal experiences or their promotional materials. The categories are as follows…

1: Hands-on Kimono Creation
These venues will allow you to get your hands dirty (so to speak) and actually try out the processes that are involved with creating a kimono. Usually you can take home what you have created as a unique souvenir.

2: Museums
Looking only! These venues have displays of kimono or the kimono making process, but do not have an interactive component to their museum.

3: Shopping
I think I can speak for everyone checking out this site when I say that we all love buying kimono! Here is a list of favourite shops and flea markets from around the country.

4: Kimono Experiences
This category includes things that are hands on, but don’t have a souvenir component to them (except for photos and memories!) This category includes things like dressing up like a maiko, dressing in juni hitoe, or festivals that have theme of kimono or geisha.


Of course, this is is not an exhaustive list. If you know of any great kimono-related place that I have missed, please let me know! You can either comment here, send me an email at, or message me on facebook. Please try to include as much information as you can, and if you have written a review about it and would like a link to appear here, please include the web address.

Have you been to one of these places? Is my info out of date? Please let me know by email or message and I’ll be sure to update the information! Have fun on your trip!

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